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Please fill in the Online Brief below and submit, we will then send you an invoice, then make your payment of £250 + VaT on the payment page. In response, we will produce a full marketing recommendations document which will include ideas on how to achieve your objectives, which media to use and some exciting creative concepts. The cost for this is only £250 plus VaT. (*indicates required field).





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What is the nature of your business? i.e. size, products/services, date established, structure, who buys your products?

What are your main business objectives? e.g. new customers, launch of new products/services, higher profile, do more business with existing customers?

Who are your main competitors? i.e.names, products/services, locations, etc.

What are your unique sales points (USP)? i.e. what is special or different about your business, products, services or prices?

What do you perceive to be your marketing requirements?

What is your target market/audience?

How much budget can you make available to achieve your objectives?

What marketing activity have you undertaken in the past?

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